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To Barry & Cyndy Pakula
For your outstanding dedication to
B'nai Torah, the Jewish Community, and our Society
 We Honor You!
 To our dear friends
Barry and Cyndy Pakula
Donny and Florence Reznik
If walls could talk, the shul would speak of your
tireless, behind-the-scenes efforts on
behalf of Congregation B'nai Torah.
You inspire us all!
Mazel Tov on this well-deserved honor!
Rick and Caryn Bentley
 In honor of our dear friends and wonderful neighbors
Doniel and Florence Reznik
Barry and Cyndy Pakula
You have contributed so much to making this
a wonderful community to live in.
Mazel Tov!
Shulamit and Michael Hasten
 In honor of our Awardees
Barry and Cindy Pakula and
Donnie and Florence Reznik
Your contribution to the vitality of the shul
and the community are exemplary
The Hasten Family
Simona and Hart
Anna Ruth and Mark
Family Foundations
 Mazel Tov and Best Wishes
to Doniel and Florence Reznik
for this well deserved honor.
For many years you have dedicated yourselves
to Bnai Torah and the Jewish Community.
May Hashem grant you continued success.
Steven and Monica Rosenfeld
Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to
Barry and Cyndy Pakula
on this well deserved honor.
For decades you have dedicated yourselves
to Bnai Torah and the Jewish Community.
May Hashem grant you continued success.
Steven and Monica Rosenfeld
 In honor of
Doniel and Florence Reznik
Barry and Cyndy Pakula
Your dedication, and hard work
has been a source of strength for us
and the entire B'nai Torah family.
We are proud to call you our friends.
May you have much success in all your endeavors.
Vivian and Michael Aronson
Congratulations Cyndy and Barry, we already knew how special you were!
Michael and Sarah Zeckel
Fred and Tami Zeckel
Rick and Sandi Zeckel
Mark and Sandy Dickens
Michael and Susan Sterling
 Royal Gallery of Rugs
The Reznik and Pakula families
for a well deserved honor.
The Farahan Family
In honor of
Barry and Cynthia Pakula
Pillars of Congregation B’nai Torah
Who embody the precepts of
a good eye, a good friend and neighbor
a visionary and good heart
(עין טוב,חבר טוב, שכן טוב,הרואה את הנולד, לב טוב..." (פרקי אבות ב',יג"
Congratulations on this richly deserved honor
Rabbi Yisrael and Miriam Gettinger
In honor of
Donny and Florence Reznik
whose home is always open for Torah classes and communal hospitality
(יהי ביתך פתוח לרוחה..." (פרקי אבות א',ה"
Congratulations on your richly deserved honor
Rabbi Yisrael and Miriam Gettinger
Congratulations to
Cyndy and Barry
from your Kaufman Cousins
 Congratulations and best wishes
to Florence and Donie Reznik
Cynthia and Barry Pakula
on your well-deserved honors dinner.
Fran and Sam Lazerov
David, Heather, and Blake Lazerov
and all the aunts, uncles, and cousins
in our extended family
Mazel Tov to the Rezniks and Pakulas
On this well deserved honor
The four of you are an inspiration to us all
Sandi and Benton Marks
Mom and Dad,
You can't judge a book by its cover. 
But you can judge a person by their grandchildren.
Zea's love of family    Kovi's kind nature    
Arielle's creativitiy    Shoshana's eagerness to help    
Aliza's sense of humor    Sara's determination
These are all reflections of characteristics and values that you have consciously or unconsciously instilled in us.  Your accomplishments and contributions to the community are many.
We continue to learn from you.
Mazel Tov!
Malka, Noah, David & Barbara
Mazel Tov
to Barry and Cyndy
With Love from Dad
Congratulations to our cousins Donny & Florence Reznik
on this well deserved honor.
May Hashem grant you good health and strength to
maintain your boundless and tireless efforts on behalf
of your Shul, Yeshiva and community for whom
you serve as an inspiration.
May you enjoy great naches from, your children
and may they follow in your footsteps with a life
filled with Torah and good deeds
Sheila and Albie Zachter
וכל העוסקים בצרכי ציבור באמונה, הקב"ה ישלם שכרם
Yasher Koach to our wonderful friends
Florence, Donny, Cyndy, and Barry  
You make our community a better place to live
and are inspirations to all of us.
Elliot, Ethel, and Yaakov Bartky
 Mazel Tov to the Pakulas and Rezniks
Thank you for all that you do for our community
Judith and Allon Friedman
 Dr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Leapman
Congratulate the Honorees:
Barry and Cyndy Pakula
Donie and Florence Reznik
Mazel Tov to our dear friends
Barry and Cyndy Pakula
Donnie and Florence Reznik
Rabbi and Mrs. Avi Grossbaum
Rabbi and Mrs. Mendel Schusterman
Lubavitch of Indiana
Dear Honorees,
Many thanks for your dedication and
special efforts.
Susan and Marvin Mitchell
Congratulations to the Reznik Family
May Hashem give you the strength
to continue your wonderful effort 
in supporting Congregation B’nai Torah!
From the Pakula Family
Congratulations to both families for
your support for B'nai Torah.
Medassure and the Pasarels
 Mazel Tov on your honor.  Thanks for being good parents and always supporting me with my ideas and goals.
Love, Gabriel
Congrats!  Thanks for always being on my side and believing in me.
Love, Karen
You're the best!
Love, Buttons
 Barry and Cyndy,
It is such an honor to share this evening with you.  
Your involvement in the Jewish community has enriched so many lives.  We value you as both leaders and friends.
Florence and Doniel Reznik
 Donie and Florence,
Mazel Tov on being honored.  We are very proud of you and happy that you are involved in Jewish life.  May you continue to perform many mitzvot in the future.
Love from Israel
Mom, Daphne, and Dina
Mazel Tov on being honorees this year.  
Your dedication to our shul is much appreciated.  
All the best.
Andrea and Marty Solomon
In honor of Barry and Cyndy Pakula
for their outstanding community efforts
and the personal hospitality bestowed on us
Michael and Gena Zelikovich
Mazel Tov to the Pakulas and Rezniks
on this well-deserved tribute.
Your dedication to the shul and Jewish learning
greatly benefits our community.
Sally and Jack Cotlar
Mazel tov
Barry and Cyndy and Donnie and Florence
on this well-deserved honor!
With Best Wishes,
Marcy and Ivan Ekhaus
Mazel Tov on this much deserved honor.
Your friends,
Kathy & Steve Frankel
 Florence and Donie,
"Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart;
so doth the sweetness of a friend by hearty counsel."
                                              --Proverbs 27:9
Mazel Tov!
Robbie, Scott, and Family
Mazel Tov
Barry and Cyndy Pakula & Donny and Florence Reznik!
How fitting an honor to people who are so dedicated to the Indianapolis community.
Tzuriel and Miriam Gluck
Congratulations on this great honor.  
You have made a positive difference in the community
and in our lives.  
From the extended family of
Florence and Donny Reznik with much love.
Mazel Tov
Florence and Donie on this honor
From the Kaissars
 Mazel tov honorees!
Thanks for your dedicated service to the community!
Special thanks to Doni, for all the fascinating discussions on Judaism; and Mrs. Pakula, without whom I'd still be saying "Wosenfewd."
 Warm regards,
 Shalom & Leah Rosenfeld
 Mazel Tov
Barry and Cyndy Pakula,
Donny and Florence Reznik
on your much-deserved honor!  
May Hashem grant you much success.
Mordechai Zvi and Estie Rotstein
 With great pleasure we recognize
your contribution to the B'nai Torah community.  
Your selection for this honor is an excellent choice.
Martin and DeAnn Silverman
 Mazel Tov Barry and Cyndy
from the "Southside and Ruckle Street Gang."  
All the best.
Dennis and Shlomo Weiss
Mary Bronicki
 Mazel Tov to our friends and neighbors
 the Pakulas and Rezniks.
Sam and Jackie Zitin
Barbara and Marc Freeman
Marv and Michelle Hershensen
Zita and David Nurok - Mazel Tov to all honorees
Mimi and Marty Linderman
Bobby and Lenny Rubenstein - To Barry and Cyndy
Rabbi and Mrs. Yisroel Homnick
Elizabeth and Fred Alexander - Mazel Tov to honorees
 Rhoda Israelov - Congratulations and thank you for your service to our congregation.
Mr. and Mrs. Emery Kovac
Joan Rosenfeld
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Steinkeler
Mazel Tov from Harry and Sharon Merin
Joyce and Jerry Fivel - Congratulations to Flo and Doniel.
Jackie and Earl Pantella - Congratulations Donie and Flo
Elaine Glanzman - Congrats to Barry and Cyndy
Benjamin and Deborah Goldfarb
Michael and Janie Maurer - In honor of the Rezniks
Avi Lasdun
Matt Galvin and Meg Gaffney
Charlotte Epstein
Blake Samuel Lazerov
Farrah Housefield
Art and Gigi Felsher - Congratulations to the shul and honorees
Toni & Robert Bader-Congratulations to Barry & Cyndy Pakula